Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 2009

Yeah, I have finished my first semester in college. I got an A in english & a B in biology. I am very pleased with these grades. I will be taking LIB online over the summer. I will be taking english, history and a dance class in the fall.

I have only 15 days left in this pregnancy! That makes me so happy. (although, I would be happy if it happened now!) I am pretty prepared for this little girl. I have some diapers, a few newborn things, and the birth kit is ready as well. She had been head down for the last 2 months, a few weeks ago, she decided to go breech. I am not worried, I am confident that she will be in the right place for delivery.
The kids are excited to meet their new sister.

Kezedan just turned 4. I am in shock that he is 4 already!!! It has gone way too fast. We had a fun party here for his friends and him. I am glad it is over though!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A lot has been happenning recently. Dan hurt his back backin August & he has been having a lot of problems with it. When we were in California for Christmas, my mom (she is an accupuncturist) and the chiropractor she works with, treated his back. It has been slowly getting better with continued treatment here at home. It is noce to see him be able to play and hold the kids again. Not being able to play with daddy has been really hard on the kids.
Business has started to pick up. It has been really nice to have a boost in income.
Dan had his 35th birthday in March. He is just getting yummier with age! :o)
I am still in school. I have finals in 2 weeks then I will take an online class over the summer. I am going back (maybe full time) in the fall.
We are looking forward to doing a lot of camping this summer.
Kezedan turns 4 april 26th. I can't believe he is that old already. Amazing how time flies!
Also at the end of April, Dan & I will be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary. I am more in love with him now, than I ever have been. I have enjoyed this adventure we are taking together, even when the times are bad. I know that things will get better and we will be stronger because of it.
May 16th is still the due date for our new little girl to arrive. I am looking forward to having my body back! We are going to be doing another home birth. We have gotten everything ordered and are ready to go. The kids are ready to meet their little sister, and Dan & I are ready to meet our daughter.